Art and Artist role

What a role does an artist and art in general have in society according to you?
I believe that this question is going in to a very deep domain of memory, talking about the passions within against the society.
As one of the medium of expressions, art does only one role in its existence. Be the medium of expressions. Art is a medium of expressions for the art itself.
For about what to express, who is expressing, and whom to express they are all standing on the other side of art as an art. They’re just elements of knowledge of understanding.
The passion from an artist is somehow free and untangled to the society, which we called it ‘role’. The topic or content, or visual messages that buried within the form of art, would never be ‘the artist of the month’ in my society to be act as a problem solver. Moreover, the photographer who does the shot, would never be ‘in charge’ to husle people to mend the scars or broken hopes. They are all ‘a package of message’, that to be put in the form of art, which is photography for the exact.
We might be able to move people with our form of art. But as an artist, we never really have to ‘measure’ it or looking deep into it, as a scientist does. Let the society have their time to understand the content, the medium, and the art the way they want it.
31052012 enyerawati


About enyerawati

i am just an ordinary girl, who fall in love with al Hikam, i have a bit of phographic background from Institut Kesenian Jakarta, and having a class at Desain Komunikasi Visual Univ. Negri Malang at the moment. i am an old student, well, ... kind of :)
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