backwood, a hamlet butress of the city

Jantur was a backwoods, a hamlet that was hid by the trees, on the slope of The Banyak mountain. Cursed by something, which then found a bright insight after the forefather ‘Mpu Supo’ was sent over to find the sacred creese (javanese saber), and washed it with the pure water from a sacred natural spring (pathirtan), and teaches a philosophy to keep and maintain the water springs which symbolized with earthenware water barrels (Gentong Agung).
The name Jantur than became Songgoriti (which means Butress of the city).

enyerawati 11072012

About enyerawati

i am just an ordinary girl, who fall in love with al Hikam, i have a bit of phographic background from Institut Kesenian Jakarta, and having a class at Desain Komunikasi Visual Univ. Negri Malang at the moment. i am an old student, well, ... kind of :)
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